4 juli 2024


Key note lecture_Beyond the Toolkit: Understanding and Evaluating Crafts Praxis for Health and Wellbeing.
An Arts and Humanities-funded Symposium organised by Falmouth University and Arts for Health, Cornwall Falmouth University.

'Monika Auch, visual artist and M.D. explores the importance of tactility, dexterity and material based making - The intelligence of the hand - in our contemporary culture influenced by digital tools and the importance of making for human well being. The project STITCH_YOUR_BRAIN is research and reflection on the themes of hand-brain cooperation and creativity. It developed from looking at one brain into an empirical study about making and creativity by inviting participation from the international crafting community.'



Intensive two day workshop on Bauhaus weaving for MA students Technical Art History, University of Amsterdam, professor Erma Hermens blogs.



Lecture The Art of Neuroscience, EYE Amsterdam



Biezemortel five days masterclass. 



Student/intern from art academy exploring tactility for BA thesis.


monika-auch-coaching QS2 group.jpg  

Coaching group QS2 for exhibition at National Museum of Antiquities. Work by M. de Vos Hunneman



Jury member and lecture about: The morphology of Art, Tallinn, The art of collecting.

'Collecting can be a way of human enquiry, of phrasing questions and a method of doing research. In early human history collecting food was a way of survival based on the knowledge of edible and poisonous plants. In order to focus on the subject of collecting as a way of enquiry we look through the eyes of two different tribes - scientists and artists. Both are collectors: of data, facts, objects or even situations. Do scientists and artists build their collections in different ways? Are there similarities in their specific ways of collecting and arriving at answers?

photo, left to right: Kai Lobjakas, art historian and curator (EST), Monika Auch, artist (NLD), Love Jönsson, critic and curator (SWE), Kadri Mälk, jewellery artist and lecturer (EST), Morten Løbner Espersen, ceramic artist (DNK)


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