10 juni 2024


Publication about 10 year empirical study'Stitch Your Brain' - part of the project 'The intelligence of hands'.

Author, concept: Monika Auch
Additional texst Prof. R. Zwijnenberg, Dr. Marieke Hendriksen, Charlotte Steels, Mané van Veldhuizen
Editor/Publisher Eleonoor Jap Sam,  Graphic design SJG / Joost Grootens
Grants by: Creative Industries Fund NL, Gawthorpe Textiles Collection, Stichting Stokroos and stichting VoorVrouwenDoorVrouwen. 

ISBN 978-94-92852-77-9 published by  JapSamBooks 

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Commissioned artikel for DefKa(Dutch) about: conceptual ideas, craftmanship, branding, personalization of art. ISBN9789464480603 


Since 2008: Co-editor/writer with kM magazine , in-depth studio interviews about artist's materials and techniques. 


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Guest editor Surface Design Journal_Fall 2019, and regular contributing writer - On Female Art Brut, summer 2019 


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Commissioned peer-reviewed article: 'Intelligence of the hand', Bloomsbury Academic  ISBN 9781472529060 UK


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Artist's book '...hinter, achter, behind' received CMYK bronze medal for excellent, tactile reproduction of original 70's wallpaper screenprints.
weiw publishers ISBN 90-807472-3-4 (NL)



Commissioned by BNO: 'Mapping Dutch conceptual crafts'_ concept, editor, preface:Monika Auch, design: Svea Gustavs weiw publishers, ISBN 978-90-70378-12-7 (NL)



Commissioned by European Ceramic Work Centre: 'Talking Ceramics',  Author, concept: Monika Auch, design: Trapped in Suburbia, Gold medal 2017 European Design Awards

Interviews with 50 selected artists about making.  Introduction: 'The most important question in the interviews was whether any failures during the working process has led to revelations. Such moments are often turning points, moments in which boundaries are broken, discoveries are made and a crucial step is taken in one’s work. It is the point at which frustrations are let go and the mistake becomes an ‘aha-moment’, leading to a new beginning. What follows is the realisation that one must work with the properties of the material and adjust one’s expectations for the outcome. These are the most important cognitive steps in every learning process. The optimum conditions for learning and ground-breaking renewal is an environment in which an idea is allowed to grow, without external judgement. The EKWC is such a place: unique, safe and challenging. Here, ceramics keeps redefining itself, again and again.' ISBN 978-90-825550-0-4.


Commissioned publication Texture by Qua Art Qua Science, article, image concept: Monika Auch, intro by Martha J. Haveman   


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