4 juli 2024


Interview Métier Magazine Lente 2024 

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Book review by Beatrijs Sterk, blog  ETN network, 2024

Book review Berwick Weaving Co / Canada


Q&A NL and ENG about results of Stitch Your Brain study 

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Q&A - The grid in weaving and screen printing, foto:  2 m long two sided scroll  



Interview in 'Weven' 1/2024 about Artist in Residence in Iceland, summer 2023, by Woutje de Zeeuw ENG

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Q&A about Stitch Your Brain project and book in Dutch 'Handwerken Zonder Grenzen'_december 2023


On the cover of National Danish newspaper POLITIKEN 02-09-2022 and  8 page spread interview, followed up by article in Medical magazine

'Can you embroider the raven out of your head' by Emilie Stein about the necessity of making by hand and mental well-being.

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Uit: Archivering SC05, Gert Wijlage over: Hand en hoofd, Industrie en immaterieel erfgoed, Ethiek en ideaal:'...een manifest ter duiding van kunst, van kennis dat verwijst naar het eeuwenoude gebruik van weven. Een ambacht met grote metaforische kracht en waarvan het constructieve ook wel vergeleken wordt met het tot stand komen van architectuur. Het weeflab.com van Monika Auch plaatste in die geest een manifesto op de homepage.'   Article:ENG,NL


Bradley Quinn, author of Contemporary Textiles, the fabric of fine art: 'Monika Auch’s medical background is evident in her detailed textile work, which is often suggestive of the growth patterns found through the lens of a microscope. The work feels both startingly real and somehow fragmented, expressing the bare amounts of detail required for the viewer to recognise forms and narratives. The clash of digital and tactile methods in Auch’s work heightens the material impact of the viewing experience, a combination of traditional, time-consuming methods and contemporary, instantaneous technology.

For Auch, the world of art and medicine are intextricably bound together with both professions requiring the same core skills: a knack of understanding humans and their environment, heightened haptic senses and well-developed spatial orientation. “After so many years of art practice, a symbiosis between these skills has grown, I am a true hybrid - a mixture of science and art.” Auch makes no distinction between the various forms of her creative expression. The success of her work appears to stem from this unlikely pairing of interests - as Auch states, “ I do not think that art, intuition and science are separate ways of thinking.” More than that, her unique viewpoint lends her work a refreshingly original perspective, one that is as dramatic as it is detailed, approaching a variety of themes from multiple perspectives and areas of human enquiry.'



Cover Textile Biennial Rijswijk - The intelligence of the hand_Proxyclones series




Tallinn Triennial_Jury member and lecture_The morphology of art  



Bridges_Enschede_Art and Science_Stitch_My_Brain: about anatomy and printmaking



Interview in Dutch kM journal about weaving and anatomy



In depth article and interview about making and CAD/CAM technology in Bloomsbury publication 


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Benetton publication Imago Mundi_Selected artists from The Netherlands



Launching of Stitch_Your_Brain project at the IMPACT conference with lecture and presentation of prints



Selected work TIMEWARP on the theme of Time, Tallinn Triennial 



Selected work Mutants, three sculptures for Riga Triennial 



Interview in German quilting magazine 



Exhibition catalogue Delft, The Netherlands

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